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Customized Recruitment
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Your secret weapon in finding and hiring
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Haven Hiring Solutions  is your partner in unparalleled and customizable talent acquisition. Our expertise includes consultancy, meticulous candidate care, and unwavering support for hiring teams. With years of experience, we invest in staying current on all recruiting trends and best practices - all to help you attract, retain, and nurture top talent.


Let's face it - you are who you hire! Finding the right talent at the right time ensures operational excellence and provides your leaders with the ability to innovate and drive growth.

Our Services

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Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment strategy is the essential roadmap that organizations use to identify, attract, and hire the best talent for their teams. Haven Hiring Solutions can help your organization build, assess, or refine its unique recruitment strategy.

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Embedded Consulting

Our TA Consultant works directly within your ATS and acts as an ambassador of your organization and brand - whether for a short term project, or for ongoing hiring needs.

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Training and Development

If your HR and staffing team need assistance in creating an effective framework for your hiring processes, we offer training and development services to give you tools and strategies to streamline your operations. With proper framework, you'll be positioned to identify the right candidates with confidence and accountability.

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Retained Search

Our Retained Search service is designed to provide tailored talent solutions for organizations across various levels and industries. Whether you need executive professionals or specialized candidates for specific roles, we offer a comprehensive approach to finding exceptional talent that aligns with your unique hiring needs.

Client Testimonials

Director, Talent Acquisition - National Upscale Hospitality Company

Working with Liz has truly been a pleasure. We partnered with her to assist with staffing a very large project in a short amount of time. Liz was assigned to our account and she immediately took on a leadership role within the project. It was as if she was an extension of our team. In order to deliver the kind of guest experience that lasts beyond that palate, its critical that we find the best managers in the market. Liz helped us exceed our goals and was always available when I needed her whether it was during or after normal working hours. I look forward to working with her on our next project.

VP Operations - 
Upscale "Eatertainment" Dining Concept

In order to understand how great Liz is, you need to understand my situation. I run a 16K square foot first of it's kind competitive socializing concept making it's debut in Boston, MA in April 2024. I was faced with needs for 10 salaried managers and 130 hourly team members with training 60 days away. We had posted manager jobs and quickly realized a wave was coming over our heads.

Enter Liz. We contracted with Liz to be our Embedded Recruiter, our de facto Manager of Talent Acquisition, but she was so much more. In addition to developing a process, refining our profiles for searches, adding screening questions and managing all 1800 applicants, Liz jumped in immediately and turned us from drowning into a well oiled machine actually managing our talent acquisition process.

Now she's working on handing over those processes in place to what will be our permanent Talent Acquisition Manager. That person will have a running start because of Liz. She's smart, driven and really good at what she does and she saved us. If you have a chance, hire her. You won't regret it!

Talent Acquisition Leader - Publicly Traded Cannabis Company

Liz worked as a contract recruiter for TerrAscend on my team as we expanded into a few new areas and needed additional resources with hiring for those locations. I knew as soon as I met Liz that she would be a stellar addition to our team - she was very communicative and asked great questions right from the start. Our company has quite a few different brands, a lot of regulations, and a lot of different positions open under different managers and Liz caught on quicker than I ever expected. She has been on the ball for the entire time that we have worked together and is quick to ask a question or call something out if she is unsure about something. Her ability to find talent is great and our hiring managers have been extremely satisfied with the candidates that she has identified. She is open to feedback, wants to learn as much as she can, and is a joy to work with. Liz is an extremely impressive team member and I would be happy to work with her again in the future!

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